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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updated report from the Tradition

One of my friends is a part owner of the sport fishier the Tradition out of Redondo Sport Fishing along with his family. I met this kid several years ago on a twilight trip out of Dana Point, he was different than the other kids, he didn't just like fishing, he loved it. Back then he just liked fishing and then a few years ago his family bought the sport fisher and now as he's learning, it's  full time job. My friend Jimmy sent me some pictures of some of the fish they caught on his boat yesterday. Incase you didn't hear they had LIMITS of barracuda. He said that the barracuda were all nice size fish and that many of them were over 9 pounds and that another boat reported a 12 pounder, that is a huge barrie.

For those of you who plan to go fishing for barries this week, i'd suggest you take some Magic Metal Lites with you, for fish this size, i'd suggest a MM7 in mackerel or anchovy color. You want to work this lure slowly up along the surface of the water, you want it to swim from side to side slowly, barracudas love these jigs. You can find them at Tuner's Outdoorsman, Sport Chalet and on my website too.

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