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Friday, September 30, 2011

Be careful This Weekend

Be careful This Weekend, with the openning of lobster season and a storm heading our way you need to be extra careful out on the weather this wekend. Don't get to close to the rocks and keep an eye on every other boat around you. let's all make this a fun and great openning weekend, I'll see you all on the water.

Another Lobster Fishing Video For You.

Lobster Season Open at 12:01AM

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Tuna Trip For 2011 has a new date

Thanks to Hurricane Hilary our last tuna fishing trip for 2011, that was planned to depart this week has been moved back a few weeks. The new dates are departing out of Fisherman's landing in San Diego on 10/22, fishing, 10/23 and returning around 6AM on 10/24. Cost is 320.00. several of the guys that were booked on this trip can't go on these new dates, so now we have room for this trip. it's limirted to 18 anglers and we'll be fishing aboard the Dolphin II. If you were on this trip and want to go please call Larry to confrim your spot, if you have any questions about this trip please call Larry too, his cell is (562) 221-1278.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lobster Season Opens this Weekend!

Here's a short video clip of me lobster fishing just to get you in the mood! This year i will be running private lobster fishing charters.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rosarito Peir Fishing Report

Over the weekeend I drove down to Rosarito to check things out and to get away from work. It was hard for me, but I didn't bring a fishing rod with me, I only took along my camera. on the peir i met a buch of different people who were fishing, some were fishing very hard and others were hardly fishing. As one one group told me when I asked them how the fishing was going the told me it was slow and then one of them said, "We have lots of Beer and lots of Hope." I really liked that line. My next stop was down to the village over by Fox studios where to comeercial panga fisherman run out of. I was glad to see that there are now sport fishing boats running out of there now, they only have pangas, but's it's a start. I always enjoying being in Baja.

This weeks tuna fishing trip has been moved

Due to in coming bad weather out tuna trip for this week has been changed by the skipper, here's the new dates, the rescheduled date for the Dolphin ll tripis, Departing Fisherman's Landing 9pm Wed. 10/5, fishing on Thur. 10/6 and returning on Fri. 10/7. We have a few open spots because some of our anglers can't make the new dates, conact Larry at 562-221-1278 if you'd like to join us.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using Live bait with Circle Hooks

How -to Usw Live bait with Circle Hooks

How to Filet a Tuna

Here's a great video clip on how to filet a tuna. I hope you all enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Salmon Queen Report

Last Sunday we fished aboard the New Salmon Queen out of Emeryville Sport Fishing. The plan was to drift for salmon, but I guess no one told the salmon that. We fished very close to the beach just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in about 30 feet of water, there were huge schools of bait fish in the are so that's why the skipper fished there. We did get three salmon and one nice haibut there, but what we also found was the big surprise. We hooked around 50 thresher sharks! We only landed nine of them, if we would have had wire leader we could of get limits for the whole boat. The sharks were everywhere. We didn't get the salmon like we were hoping, but we did end up getting a great TV show that I know you'll are going to enjoy. Here are a few pictures from this trip, I have more pictures posted on our face book fan page.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The tuna are back!

Here are the landings fish counts for today. these are great numbers when you consider not that many boats were out fishing today. We have our last tuna trip of the year next week aboard the Dolphin II, go to our website and sign up before it sells out. This will be the last chance to tuna fish with us in 2011.

93 Bluefin Tuna 944 Yellowfin Tuna 123 Skipjack_Tuna 388 Yellowtail 159 Dorado

New Huck Finn Fishing Report

We just got back from our four day trip up to Emeryville to fish aboard the New Huck Finn an dthe New Salmon Queen. This is the fishing report of our saturday trip aboard the New Huck Finn.
Our skipper had warned up to expect ugly weather, but as it worked out the seas were clam and there wasn't any wind to speak of, it was a great day to be on the water.

Most of our day was spent trolling for salmon, fishing was a bit slow, we ended the day with only a hand full of salmon and to make sure everyone had fish Jay took us to one of his hot spots for rock fish and we had easy limits of great eating rock fish. all the salmon were taken on anchoives and so were most of the rock fish, a few of the larger rock fish were taken on B 52 bucktails, Here are a few pictures from the trip, I posted many more on our face book fan page.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Smoking lots of Fish

The other day a friend of mine needed to smoke over 60 pounds of salmon and halibut for a fundrasier event, he had no clue how to do this much fish at one time and have it ready to serve straight from the smoker. I have smoked lots of fish over the years, but I too have done this much fish at one time. I called my friends over at Bradley Smoker and asked for help. We ended up using three Bradley Smokers, two four rack and one six rank units and all the fish came out great, the event was a huge success and everyone loveed the somked fish. Thank you Bradley Smokers for all your help!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Capt. Chris RandalGive A Report About our Trip With Him

Capt. Chris Randal Give A Report About our Trip With Him

Picking the Right Rods and Reels For Tuna Fishing

Here's a short video about Picking the Right Rods and Reels For Tuna Fishing.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Video Report from aboard the Indian.

Indian Tuna Fishing report

We just got in from our tuna fishing trip aboard the Indian, it was a one day trip. We fished about 50 miles south of San Diego, the weather was perfect, but the fishing was slow. We only landed 12 bluefin tuna for the day, but we saw many more fish than that. We have one more tuna trip left for the year and it's in two week. you can see all the details on our website at

Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy weekend for me

This is one busy weekend for me. Right now I'm in Long Beach helping friends smoke 50 pounds of fish for a event tonight, We are using three Bradley Smokers, two are mine, the other belongs to my friend that i'm helping out. Tomorrow morning I have a kids club meeting for my youth foundation at Legg Lake from 9AM -noon and the at 3PM I have private charter out of Long Beach, Sunday I have another charter, it's going to be a long weekend! Ok I better go back outside and check on the fish, I hope you all have a great weekend too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kids Club Fishing Meeting

This coming Saturday my youth foundation will be hosting another meeting at our club house at Legg Lake for our kids fishing club. below is a flyer with all the details. Please tell your friends about our kids club.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fishing Report From Ensenada, Mexico

Here's a fishing report from my friend Louie in Ensenada.

Angel, Cesar and myself left Ensenada at 3:30AM heading for the tuna pens where the bluefin have been hitting and missing. We were hoping to make the area by grey light with a load of mostly anchovies that were fading away pretty quickly. Washing machine conditions put us there around 7ish and from what we saw and experienced the bite was over as we were setting up. It also rained off and on until about 11am and water temps dropped from 64.7 to 63.9. Not many fish hooked or seen hooked all morning. So we headed for the 295 and stopped next to Twilight Zone in time to see them pull up a nice yellow on a paddy around 2 to 3 miles from the tuna pens. The water was warmer here and we continued on to the 295 stopping on 15+ paddies for nobody home. We did see a greyhounding marlin some 5-6 miles from the 295 but that was it until....we put the trollers in at the 295 and headed for the 238 and at 31.33/117.46 we get bit on a small feather. We are all thinking tuna and suddenly a large marlin starts jumping out of the water. It starts greyhounding towards the boat and quickly turns away and starts ripping line fast. Mind you this fish is being fouhgt on a light rod using 40 lb test. I start chasing it down with the boat and after a 40 minute battle Cesar boats his first ever marlin. After several pictures and some high fives we continue on. By this time the weather has changed and it is now sunny with calming seas. Not much to report after this as all we saw was a lone yellowtail on a kelp paddy and the most dolphin I have ever seen in one area. We drove for 30 minutes and there werre dolphin as far as you could see. Cruised into Cruiseport Marina doing 25mph around 8PM tired but happy that we will be eating some delicious smoked marlin tacos.

Open Party Private Fishing Trips

For a while now I have been getting messages asking me to do open party private fishing charters. So I'm going to give it shot. The first two dates are this coming Friday 9/9 and this Sunday 9/11. these will be 1/2 day thresher shark and some bass fishing too trips. Cost for 9/9 will be $175.00 PP, limited to two people and 9/11 $200.00 PP limited to two persons. I will be departing out of Long Beach at 7AM. Who wants to go? The first two people to call my office at 562-865-3764 and pay get to go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Huge Fish Counts Today On The Tuna!

Here's today's fish count from SD, 1757 Bluefin Tuna 106 Yellowfin Tuna 3 Yellowtail 2 Dorado. this is awesome anytime, but for a Tuesday, it's even better. It looks like the tuna season is running a month or two late this year, boats are reporting huge schools of fish and the sport fishing landings from San Diego to San Pedro are all reporting tuna in their fish counts.

Face Book Offer for those that follow us

If you like us on Face Book, you can click a link that will give you $50.00 off our next tuna fishing trip. That's all you have to do to get this awesome deal. We often offer specails to those you get our free on-line newsletter and follow us on Twitter and or Face Book. Don't pass up this deal.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video Blog Fishing Report from our Fisherman III trip

Here's a link to a video blog about our trip aboard the Fisherman III on 9/1.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yesterday's Fishing Trip

Yesterday we had a charter aboard the Fisherman III, the weather was perfect, but the fishing was a bit slow, We did land one nice halibut and a few legal barracuda, mixed in were a few roch fish and calico bass too. it was just hard to fish with the wind going one way and current going another way. The crew and the skipper were great and we will be back with them again next year. tomorrow I hope to upload a video blog about this trip.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fishing the Wall

Since I started my guide service I started fishing along the breakwall a lot more, for the most part i have done good there, out of nine chrters I have taken there only one of them had very slow fishing. I wanted to share this with you all because many of you tell me you can't catch a fish there. The easyest fish to land there is the sand bass, for these fish mover your boat away from the wall and fish the roock that come out 40--50 feet. if you more your boat away from the wall you will catch plenty of sand bass.
Good luck!