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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gail Force Fishing Report

Today we had our last fishing trip of the long weekend, we we're aboard the Gail Force out of LA Harbor, we planned to fish Catalina, but the skipper suggested we head to SM Bay for the barracuda so we did. Fishing was ok, not great, but for 16 anglers we had around 45 barries, most were nice size fish and only one had to be released. The new skipper of the Gail Force is Chris, his dad has been around for a long time, running the City of Long Beach and now the Matt Walsh, Chris did a great job and I'm looking forward to fishing with him again. I did hear that one of the boats also landed a few white sea bass in the same area, most of the boats were fishing right in front of MDR. Most of our fish today were taken on live bait and light line.
It's been a long and fun three days, to trips to Santa Rosa Island and this trip to SM bay. Tuesday i'll be getting on the Mirage and heading back to Rosa for more halibut and white sea bass.


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