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Monday, May 9, 2011

Smoke Your Barracuda

With barracuda swimming in huge schools around here, I thought I should suggest a few ways to cook them up. The first you need to do is get your fish cooled down and cleaned as soon as you can. I like to grill barracuda and I also like to smoke them too. If you are going to cook yours in a BBQ, then pick up some of the Bradley Smoker flavored wood to give your fish some nice extra flavor, I like hickory, or apple for barries. Another way to go is to smoke your fish in a Bradley Smoker. I like smoking fish because after the fish is smoked you can turn that fish into a bunch of different dishes, if you need some ideas of what to do with your smoked fish, then pick up one of my cook books, I have a bunch of ideas in my Grilling & Smoking cookbook. You can pick up a Bradley Smoker at your local Turner's Outdoorsman and if you live outside of California, then order yours from Cabela's.

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