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Monday, October 31, 2011

Back in the Office today

It was nice to take a weekend off and hang out with family, today i'm back at it full speed ahead. Lots to get done before our trip this week back down to the East Cape to film a new show for you all. I got a report that they have been seeing lots a big tuna down there, plenty of fish over 100 pounds! Tomorrow night I'll be back on the water with a lobster charter. The lobster trips have been lots of fun so far this eason, I know it's going to start getting harder as the weather gets colder.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Days Off

I'm in El Paso Texas for today and tomorrow, I'm here for a family wedding, one of my little cousins is getting married. It's been a while, about a year since I was last here and surrounded by family. My parents grew up here, so much of my family lives here and thought Texas. Nothing I have to say today will help you catch more fish, but I just wanted to share where I was and why I'm here. Tuesday I'll be back on the water taking clients out lobster fishing. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation

Hi friends, as you know we have been growing our youth foundation this year, we added a new free kids fishing event in San Diego and then started a kids fishing club in Legg Lake too. All of these projects cost money and when we started the kids fishing club at Legg Lake we had to take out an extra insurance policy, costing us thousands of dollars more. I know money is tight for everyone, but if you can help us out with any donation we would really appreciate it. Our youth foundation is a 501 C (3) non-profit so you donation will be a full write off. You can mail us a check to our office at 11138 Business Circle, Cerritos, CA 90703 or you can use this link and make your donation,

Thank you all for your support.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cooking Segment Video Blog and Update

Here's a video blog for you and a behind the sences look at one of our cooking segments.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Kids Fishing Event Report

I wanted you all to know that our free kids fishing event over the weekend in Cerritos went great! We had around 450-500 kids, plus their families at the event. Here's a video blog about this awesome event. Our next free kids fishing event will be next month at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yesterday's Free Kids Fishing Event.

Yesterday's free kids fishing event in Cerritos went great! lots of kids and lots of fish make for a great kids fishing event. We had over 500 kids, plus their families attend the event. Tomorrow I'll be posting a lot of pictures from the event. You can see a few pictures right now on our youth foundation face book page.

Tonight I have another lobster fishing charter, I'll post pictures tomorrow on my face book fan page.

Friday, October 21, 2011

$50.00 off tuna trip- offer end at 7 PM today!

Hi everyone here's a special offer for all of our friends. We are offering $50.00 off Sunday's 1.5 day tuna fishing trip out of San Diego abaord the Dolphin II. use this link . you need to sign up today before 7 PM.

Another Lobster Charter

Last night I had another lobster fishing charter, the hooping started out really slow, but about two hours into it the bugs started crawling around. We didn't do as good as we did on Monday night, but it still was ok, we ended up with six legal size lobsters for my two anglers. Here are a few pictures and yes these were take in Long Beach. the bait used was all salmon heads and all of the bugs were take in 25-31 feet of water. I think we started out slow because it was a slack tide when we started out hooping.

Filming cooking segemnts today

Today we are down on my boat filming new cooking segmenst for you all. two dishes I don't want to talk about because I want you to see the videos, they cam eout great. The last dish was done with fish I smoked in my Bradley Somker. I think a lot of you don't understand all the things you can do with one of these awesome units. I know you're going to like this dish too. Ok I got to get back on the set. Tonight I'll be lobster fishing, it's a private charter.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LAST Tuna Trip for 2011

I hope you can join us, we still have a few spots left.

Free Kids Fishing Event This Weekend

The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation and the City of Hawaiian Gardens are co-hosting a free kids fishing event this Saturday 10/ 22 in Cerritos. for more info check out the attached flyer of visit our website at

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lobster Fishing Last Night in Long Beach

Last night I had another lobster fishing charter, it was just one angler, my deckhand and me. We left the dock around 5 PM and headed out toward the breakwater, it was a bit foggy, but as it worked out the fog wasn't an issue for this trip. It was still daylight when we stared dropping the nets in the water, we waited about 30 mins and then started checking our hoop nets, our second net had a legal lobster. it seemed like we got a bunch of lobsters early and then and seconfd batch of them later that night. We ended with 9 legal, one was a big one. By midnight the boat was washed off and I was on my way home, I have another lobster charter this Thursday. It was a good night of bugging.

Gail Force Fishing Trip Report

This past Sunday we had a charter aboard the Gail Force out of LA Harbor Sport Fishing for my TV program. The boat was full and we had planned to head over to Catalina Island, but our skipper suggested we stay local and fish for rock fish. I never try to second guess a skipper so that's what we did. Our skipper Chris, one of the younest Capt's on the coast. He took us to some of his favorite rock fishing spots. We had easy limits on the salmon grouper and them moved over to another spot where we caught a bunch of different rock fish, I used two 1/2 B 52 bucktails in a drooper loop to catch my fish. Next he took us closer to shore where filled out our limits with nice size local reds. All the reds wanted to eat were anchoives. We had some many fish in the boat that I could see the deckhand needed some help so I got a knife from the galley and helped out with the last ten bags of fish. All in all it was a great trip and everyone had a great time.

Our last tuna trip for this year is on 10/23 aboard the Dolphin II, you can sign up for it on my website at

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids FishinG Club Meeting Over The Weekend

We had our monthly meeting in our club house this past saturday at Legg Lake, it was our largest turnout yet, 29 kids. I know if we didn't charge dues we'd have a lot more kids, but LA County is making me have two million dollar insurance coverage for using the club house and hosting our fishing club at their park. Our dues are $10.00 per month and no I don't get paid a dime.

Our meeting started out in the club house praticing different knots, learning how to pin on worm and other basic fishing things, then it was outside to learn how to cast and 20 mins later we off to lake fishing. Right now we are just teaching basics and showing the kids how to catch bulegill and bass. After fishing it was back to the club house for a hot dog and soft drink.

For my information about my youth foundation or to help us, please visit our website at We also have a ton of pictures posted on our face book fan page.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lobster Fishing Video Blog

Here's a short video with tips on lobster fishing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Video Blog about Last Fishing trips for 2011

Here's a short video blog from me about our last fishing trip for this year. Hope you can join us.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Chance To Go Tuna Fishing With Us This Year.

Join us for our last tuna trip of the year on 10/23 out of SD aboard the Dolphin II, the yellowtail fishing is wide open right now and there still are some tuna in the counts too. Sign up today and join us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Gear You Need For Lobster Fishing

This video was filmed with Ben from Promar and covers the basic gear you need for lobster fishing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to fry up a rock fish

Here's a simple way to fry up a rock fish.

How-to cook a lobster Baja style

Here's a little video filmed in Rosarito, MX showing you how to cook up a lobster Baja style.

Just When I Thought.....

Just when I thought I could do no wrong lobster fishing, i did. Last night I went out with two friends, one who has been lobster fishing for over 30 years and for the other guy this was his first lobster fishing trip. Last night we only got one legal bug and one legal crab. It was slow. My friend the expert said it was because of the full moon, that the bugs would move fast early and then it would be over, he was right. We got our one legal bug at at sunset and then that was it for the night. To add to my pain, my other friend grabbed the lobster and the crab so I could take a picture of him for this blog, well the crab bit him so hard it cut his skin and he dropped both of them on the dock, of course our one lobster fell into water and got away. It just was one of those nights, I'm sure my next trip will go a lot better.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I was just checking the fish counts for the San Diego landing from over the weekend an dthe boats all did great! there arent a lot of tuna in the countsm but they are getting thousands of yellowtail and a bunch of dorado too. With a new storm off mexico right now we could see the number get even better and a return of the tuna too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Last Nights Lobster Fishing Report

Last night I have another lobster charter, I fished the same reef as the night before, but this time I loaded all my bait cages with salmon heads I had got the day before from Don who sells the heads and live bait on Belmont Pier. WHAT a difference those salmon heads made. I got my client a limit of bugs and even caught a few extras for me and my deckhand to take home, we ended the night with 10 legals! We had several nice crabs, but released them all. My client was great and he even shared part of his limit with us. On a side note I had the same problem again with no lights sticks on the other guys hoop nets, two boats even got wrapped up in them. One guy even had his floats painted a dark blue, what was he thinking? All in all it was a great night.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Salmon heads are now available on the Belmont Pier.

For those of you that are going lobster fishing this season. Salmon heads are now available on the Belmont Pier. I told you guys a while ago that the pier was selling live bait and now for lobster fishing they will be offering fresh salmon heads for sale. Also there is a dock that you can use there on the pier to tie up and grab your salmon heads or order some hot food. For more information you can call Don at 562- 716-7897.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'll be out Lobster Fishing Tonight

Tonight and tommorrow night I have private fishing lobster trips, not sure what to expect after all this weather, I'm sure tonight will be windy too. Check back here tomorrow and on my face book page to see how I did.

One Spot Open

Tomorrow night I'm going lobster fishing, right now I have one person booked to go, I plan to take one or two more, who wants to go? it's $160.00PP. call my office or in box me if you'd like to book a spot

Where to place your hoop nets?

Yes lobsters live close to rocks and other place where they can hide, but I think people make the mistake of placing their net too close to these spots. Lobsters will come out of their hinding places to find food, you need yo place them around these spots, not on top of them. also placing your nets on top of a large rock pile will only get your nets stuck in the rocks. look for sandy areas close to rocks and you'll catch more lobsters. Also drop your nets before it's dark and don't be afraid to check them before the sun sets. Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tuna Are Still There

Don't let the rain today let you think that tuna season is over, because it's not. The weather is going to warm up fast and boats out of Sd are still getting good counts on the tuna and huge counts on the yellowtail. Who knows, we might even see some more storms come up from the south and we could have tuna fishing into Nov. - Dec. My point is don't be in a hurry to put your tuna gear away just yet. We have a tuna trip on 10/23 out of SD, you can sighn up for it on our website at in the meantime I plan to be doing a lot of lobster fishing.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking with my Fish Batter Mix

Baits for Lobster Fishing.

There are all kinds of fish that will work for bait for lobster fishing, I have even heard of guys using chicken and even cat food too. For me the two best baits have been salmon heads and mackerel. you can find both at Asian seafood markets and now I’m glad to tell you that you can get them at the bait shop on Belmont Pier too. yes on the pier they have salmon heads for sale for lobster bait. I'd suggest you either cut the heads in half and place them in your bait cages, the mackerel you can cut into little chucks. Make sure you use metal cages or the seals will eat all your bait before the lobster get a chance to. Also the fresher your bait, the better you will do, good luck.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Talking about Lobster Fishing.

There are mnay things about lobster fishing that will factor into if you catch any bugs or not and if you have a fun and safe time at it too. this week i'll be posting a bolg each day taking about lobster fishing and i'll be tossing in a few other blogs too just to let you know what i'm up to.
The first and most inportant thing to do whatever you can on land before you head out to the fishing grounds, for today I'll give a few simple exsamples, fill your bait cages at home before you drive down to the boat, I try to do the the morning of or the day before my trip. Then at the boat dock I load my bait into each hoop net, I don't want to be doing that traveling to my fishing spot, I want as much done before I get to my spot, All I want to do at my fishing spot is add my light stick and drop my hoop net in the water.

One last thing for today, get to your fishing spot before it's dark, it'll help you when your fishing. Also for most of us we aren't use to running our boats in the dark, do everything slower and be safe. bad things happen during the day when you can see, even more bad things can happen in the dark, rule one is to be safe at all times.