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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fish report from the Electra

We had a great fishing trip yesterday aboard the Electra out of Oceanside. We fished San Clemente Island for limits of rock fish and a good pick on the calico bass. I lost a nice yellowtail that eat a sardine that I tossed along the kelp looking for a calico. The morning calico bite was slow so our skipper Joey took us to one of his favorite reefs about two miles off the island, there we found a lot of large hungry rock fish, since we were on the anchor I was able to fish with light tackle, it was a lot of fun., We ended the day close to the island picking away at the calico's, it almost went wide open, but the seals wouldn't leave us alone and at the end we had six seals keeping all the bass away from us. The ride home was perfect, calm seas. We have lots of trips coming up, out next one that still has space on it is the 20th out of Ventura Sport Fishing, we'll be aboard the Pacific Dawn fishing one of the Channel Islands for white sea bass, yellows and rock fish. If you'd like to join us you can sign up on my website at To keep up to date on everything that we are doing, follow me on face book and on twitter, #tvfishing.

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