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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bait for Lobster fishing

There are lots of different things you can use for lobster bait, I have heard of all sort of crazy baits that people are using, but for me the best bait has been mackerel, second choice would be sardines, I like to take a mackerel and cut it into 5 or 6 pieces and them stuff them into the bait cage,

Bait cages
There are several different types of bait cages out in the market, I really like the hard wire type or the soft cages because of seals. I had two trips were I used soft cages and I ended up going in early because the seals stole my bait cages and all my bait. Every since that night I've only used the hard wire type and I've never had that problem again. make sure you use a strong zip tie to tie your bait cages into you nets.

Hot Tip
the hot tip is to cut your bait and fill your cages at home before you ever get on the water. Better yet is to fill them days before you're heading out and store them in your freezer, that way you can spend your time fishing and not cutting bait and filling bait cages.

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