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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mirage Fishing Trip Report

Today I had a another charter to Santa Rosa Island, this time we were aboard the Mirage out of Channel Is Sport Fishing. We fished Rosa and fished the same are where to took all those huge halibut last saturday abroad that Apollo. We did land two nice halibut, but the wind was really blowing and we couldn't really halibut fish. We ended spending most of our day rock fishing and because we had to battle all the wind we couldn't rock fish where our skipper wanted to fish. We did end the day with limits of nice rock fish and lots of reds, we also picked up a few barracuda too. I'd like you all to know that the crew of the Mirage was awesome. they were quick to gaff fish and help out with any of our anglers needs, the galley cook was great too. If this wind ever stops look for this island to kick out a lot more halibut.

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