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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hey guys I always hear people in here say we need new people in our sport and we need more kids to going fishing. For the past 22 years I've been hosting and producing my weekly fishing TV program trying to get new people into our sport that we all love. Ten years ago I started a youth foundation that had gotten ten's of thousands of kids to try fishing.  Now I need your help. I just committed myself to start up a kids fishing club at Legg Lake in So El Monte. this is personal to me. This is the lake that as a kid growing up in Montebello I rode my bike to three to four times a week just to go fishing, it's the lake where I learned to to get a fish to eat a jig and a bluegill to swallow a red worm. it's the lake where I targeted bass and pretended I was fishing in Mexico, Alaska, or Central America chasing trophy fish. some of the best fishing moments in my life happened at this lake, I hooked my first bass here fishing with my younger brother and I learned from my dad how to tie a fishing knot here and how to catch monster size carp that we used to say, " I bet a TUNA doesn't pull any harder than this" This lake to me means fishing, it's where I tuned my angling skills and its where I learned that fishing was more than a hobby to me, fishing was what I wanted to do the rest of my life, I know some of you are not fans of me or my TV show, but I believe you all want to see more kids fishing and now this your chance to make that happen.
The lake has given me a small building to use as a club house, I will be there and so will a few of my board members for my youth foundation, but I need really support from people like you if I'm going to make this work and teach kids the basics of fishing. Sad to say I have no support from the fishing industry for this project or even my TV show. Our first meeting is planned for June 18th at 9AM at Legg Lake. if you can help, please call my office at 562- 865-3764 so we can run you though Live Scan,everyone, including me and even my parents has had to go though this to have the right to work with kids, there is no cost to you and it only takes ten minutes.
Out of all the hundreds of TV shows in the country, I'm the only person that has their own 501 ( C ) 3 non profit foundation, I give back because this sport of fishing has been very good to me and I want to see kids everywhere, kids of every color getting a chance to try fishing. I hope you feel as I do and you take this opportunity to make a difference. I need your help and there are hundreds of kids out there that are hoping you'll take the time to teach them how to fish, I hope you can help me and that you make that call, 562-865-3764

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