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Monday, February 9, 2009

First Fish!

Last week i took my godson, his wife and son out fishing. The goal was to get his son his first ocean fish. We weather was good so we took my bay boat out toward the break wall and fished with cut bait. Christopher had a great day. In two hours of fishing we landed sand bass, perch and a few tomcod too. You all know I enjoy fishing and i like do all the kids work that I do with my youth foundation, but when it's someone in your family taking their kids out to get their first fish the thrill was ten fold. Christopher caught his first fish at our youth foundation event last November at El Dorado park in Long Beach. This kid is hooked on fishing for sure.

Chollas Lake Free Kids Fishing Event

This past weekend I drove to San Diego to attend a free kids fishing event hosted by Star Pal, also there was the CA Dept of Fish & Game with their Fishing in the City program. The weather was very wet but it looked like all the kids had a great time. It was a great event and everyone who worked on it should be proud. I'm hoping that next my youth foundation will be able to host a lake event in the San Diego area.
Showtime is also most here, The Fred Hall Fishing show will the here the first part on March, you can see a banner ad for the event on our home page.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ventura Fishing Club

Last night I spoke to 62 members of the Ventura Fishing Club. I wanted to thank them for inviting me and for the great dinner. It's always fun to talk about fishing, but the one thing that I really enjoy about this group of anglers that they too like to take kids fishing. I wish every fishing club in the country would do same thing and take a bunch of kids fishing who have never been fishing before, this world would be a better place. Thanks again for dinner last night and thanks for inviting me to speak to your club, it was lot of fun.