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Monday, November 14, 2011

Long Beach Fishing Report

Over the weekend 11/12 & 11/13 I had two private fishing charters. The charter for saturday I tried to cancel and change to another date because of the weather, but the people said no, they really wanted to go out fishing, even if it rained. we had ugly weather, there were six foot wave at the entrance of the harbor! wind started around 15 knots and by 10 AM it was 25 plus, with gust over 35. We spend most of the day back inside the harbor catching lizard fish and tomcod and I was happy we caught them.

Sunday the weather was much better, no wind, but there still was a swell, we fished the breakwater the whole 1/2 day trip. The first two hours we drfited outside waiting for the swell to drop down and for the current to change finally around 10:30 things were safe enough that I could anchor up along the wall. For this trip I had three young men with me, two 14 year olds and one 15. These guys had done a lot of fishing already, but fishing the wall was new to them. Most of the fish were taken on anchoives, but our biggest fish of the day were taken on 1/2oz.  B 52 buctails with a strip of squid pinned on. We ended the day with a mix of calico's, sand bass and a several nice cabazons. The boys were every good about releasing the bass, but I did let them keep two each because they were planing on having a big fish fry following weekend. These kids where a lot of fun to fish with and it was fun to work with them one on one and teach them a few things about fishing.

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Fishing Charters said...

In midst of such ugly weather your charter still managed to live up the hopes of good catch.No wonder these kids were fun.good job.