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Monday, August 20, 2007

Free Kids event

One Sept 8th, I'll be hosting a free kids fishing event at Lincoln Park in East Los Angeles. Fishing will be from 8 AM - 12:00 noon. We'll be stocking the lake with thousands of catfish and we'll lots of free prizes for the kids too. Mark this date and bring he whole family, it'll be a great event and I'll see you there,


Sunday, August 19, 2007

277 Spot

Today I went fished the 277 spot and the East End of Catalina Island kelp patty fishing. I didn't have a film crew with me just a few friends. We left the dock late around 7 AM and after picking up some bait we headed toward Catalina Island. We were about 10 miles off the East End when we spotted a marlin, we tossed a live bait to it but it never bit. We worked our way over toward the 277 spot where we found a kelp patty with one big dorado hiding under it. We tossed several live baits at it but it didn't want anything we had to offer. We ended the day not catching anything, but the weather was great and I had three friends out on the water with me, yes fishing today was slow but being there 45 miles out at sea hunting for a marlin I felt like I was home.

Tuesday we have a charter out of H&M Landing in San Diego, it's a two day tuna fishing trip, Yes I'll have my film crew with me and you'll get to watch it later this year on TV, I'm sure I'll catch more fish on this trip than I did today, but fishing is what I love to do, even on those days when I don't catch anything.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Canadian Princess Resort

We just got back from three days of fishing in Canada. I hosted a group of 20 anglers to the Canadian Princess Resort, we all had a great time. The fishing was good, not red hot and everyone landed salmon and halibut. The weather couldn't have been any better. In the five days we were in Canada we had NO rain! It was in the high 70's everday and the water was flat clam too. it looked and felt more like Baja than it did Canada. All the fish we taken on small metal jigs and by drift fishing. Please visit the photo galley on our website to see all the pictures from this great trip.

Canada Trip

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Catalina Island

Today we had a charter to Catalina Island aboard the Gail Force. The first stop of the day was our best bite of the day. On my first cast with a Magic Metal lite I hooked up a legal size calico bass, on my next cast it nailed a nice size bonita and for the next hour I could do no wrong, the fishing was as good as it gets at Catalina Island for calicos.
Later in the day the bite switched to live squid. I used a 1/2 ounce B-52 bucktail with a whole live squid pinned on and landed several nice size bass. Like I said the fishing was great today, check out Larry's blog for more details of this trip.


East Cape

Last week we fished the East Cape, Baja Mexico out of Hotel Buena Vista. The weather was perfect and for most of the boats the was good to great. I had a tougher time only landing two marlin and three tuna in three days of fishing. One guy in our group who flew in from the SF Bay area and watches us on Comcast Sports landed three Blue Marlin in just two days of fishing.
Most boats worked a wide area for their fish, but the best catches seemed to come rather close to the hotel. Ed Payne from the San Diego area found schools of dorado and several marlin less than five miles from the hotel. Our next East Cape trip with be the first weekend in Nov. For details check out the fishing charters page here on our website.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Costco Event

I just wanted to thank everyone who visited me at the Costco in Carlsbad this past weekend. It was great to talk to all of you who watch and enjoy my program. I let you all know when i'll be at another store event.