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Friday, May 20, 2011

Todays trip aboard the Pacific Dawn

Today I fished and filmed aboard the Pacific Dawn out of Ventura sport fishing, we fished around Santa Rosa island. We had a good bite on rock fish in only 70 feet of water, then we moved out to 200 feet. There we found awesome fishing for both lings and rock fish, everyone on ny charter limited out on both, I took all my fish on 8oz magic metal jigs and the rest on 6 oz B 52 bucktails, I'll try to post pictures durning the week, I did post the jackpot ling picture on my face book page.
Now I'm on the Apollo right now heading back to Santa Rosa this time we're planing to drift for halibut and then go ling cod fishing. Sunday I'll be filming on the Gail Force chasing barracuda. It's a busy weekend for me.

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Manny Gutierrez said...

I cannot tell you what an incredible experience this was for me, especially being my first trip ever. The captain and crew of the Pacific Dawn were fantastic. You, as a host, were amazing. And, the fish were very cooperative. I can't thank you enough for your part in this experience for me. Which ever one of your followers is reading this right now, and has never been on one of your fishing trips, get off the couch and go! Stop thinking about it and do it! I want you to feel what I feel. You cannot go wrong on one of Dan's trips.
Btw, I pan fried some of the chucklehead today w/some of your fish batter. Delish!
Thanks again Dan. Hope to join you on another trip soon.