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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuna Fishing right now Is the best it's been all season!

Today tuna fishing was red hot, check out today's fish counts, this is the best tuna fishing we have seen all season. The bite has been great for over a week now, Get out there and catch a tuna this week. Our next tuna trip is on the 13th aboard the Indian out of H&M landing. You can sign up for this trip on our website at

Fisherman's Landing52 Anglers3 Boats340 Bluefin Tuna, 170 Yellowfin Tuna
H&M Landing185 Anglers10 Boats365 Yellowfin Tuna, 607 Bluefin Tuna, 85 Barracuda, 109 Rockfish, 47 Calico Bass, 3 Yellowtail, 1 Sheephead, 2 Skipjack Tuna, 12 Sculpin, 25 Sand Bass, 1 Dorado
Point Loma Sportfishing84 Anglers4 Boats3 Whitefish, 76 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod, 15 Calico Bass, 201 Bluefin, 86 Yellowfin Tuna
Seaforth Sportfishing194 Anglers10 Boats11 Yellowtail, 221 Yellowfin Tuna, 8 Dorado, 399 Bluefin Tuna, 250 Rockfish, 52 Vermilion Rockfish, 3 Lingcod, 29 Whitefish, 1 Sculpin, 8 Sheephead, 132 Sand Bass, 4 Barracuda, 5 Calico Bass

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