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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fishing report from Ensenada, Mexico

Here's a short fishing report from my friend and guide Louie out of Ensenada, Mexico

It's been awhile since reporting in but we have been fishing. Although we have yet to score on tuna and kelp paddy yellows due to them being out of our range (90+ miles) these fish are out there and moving up. Problem right now is the weather. We headed out yesterday looking for paddies and didn't get more than 15 miles outside of Todos Santos Island and it went from bad to worse. Buoyweather called for nasty conditions and they were right. 5-8 foot swell, washing machine conditions, whitecaps at 8am and wind building. The good thing about Ensenada is there are Plan B's and Plan C's. Plan C worked for us and Angel, Cesar and I still managed several ling cod, sand bass bass, rockfish and 6 halibut to 15 lbs:

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