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Monday, August 29, 2011

Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation Kids Fishing Club Meeting for Aug.

As many of you know my youth foundation now has it's our kids fishing club at Legg Lake in So El Monte, we even have our own club house there too. This past Saturday we had our monthly meeting, it was a small turnout with only 8 kids, but I'm sure now that the kids are back in school our club will grow rather fast.
This week I taught the kids some basic skills, how- to tie two different fishing knots and how- to pin on a live worm, we also did some fish ID stuff too, because last month some of the kids didn't know the difference between a bass and a blue gill. Ater the 35 mins in the club house we spent 20 mins pratcing casting, first a normal log cast and then picthing a bait into a small ring. The kids all caught on rather fast, we have only had three meetings so far, but I can see some of the kids already improving, it's really cool to see first hand.

after the class room stuff was done we spent the next 2 1/2 hours walking around the lake, looking at fish, watching them first and then trying to catch them. Our fish count for the day was four blue gill and one small bass, all of the fish were released. After fishing we ended our meeting with hot dogs and soft drinks, all in all it was a great meeting and I enjoy teaching, it doesn't matter if it's here with my kids fishing club our on my boat on a private fishing charter, it's all go. Our next kids club meeting will be on Sept 10th at 9AM. you can get more info about my youth foundation at

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