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Monday, August 22, 2011

Here's a fishing report from my two private charters over the weekend.

This past weekend I had two private charters, one on my big boat and the other off my skiff. On Saturday I had a four anglers, three adults and one high school age kid, only one of them had been fishing before. This was a 1/2 day trip so I couldn't travel too far, I started off fishing some of the stones outside of the breakwater, but fishing was slow so I moved us over along the breakwater. it only took us a few minutes to land our first fish. fishing was good for both calico's and sand bass, we did lose one WSB and a big sand bass that the guys tried to bounce onto the boat. We also landed a 50 pound thresher shark too.

On Sunday I only had one angler and he wanted to try to land a thresher shark, he had also booked a 1/2 day charter, but on my skiff. We started out slow trolling for several hours and saw one shark, but we never did get a strike so I asked him if he wanted to try bass fishing on the breakwater. I started off the same place I had fished the day before and we hooked and released a few calico's there, the wind was starting to pick up so we moved down the line and I anchored us a ways off the wall, this time the bass were hungry. over the next two hours we landed over 45 bass, all of the calico's were released, my client wanted fish to take home so I let him take a limit of sand bass, I didn't keep any fish for myself, all we had for live bait was large sardines and the fish loved them. I also did catch about 12 fish on a 1 oz B52 bucktail with a Gulp bait pinned on. I have two more private charters this week and I'll let you all know how I do. if you'd like to book a private charter with me you can see my rates on my website at

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