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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

White Sea Bass Bit Today

Here's the fish count for Pierpoint Sport Fishing out of Long Beach. 49 White Seabass, 27 California Scorpionfish, 88 Rockfish, 1 Halfmoon, 21 Barred Sand Bass, 30 Kelp Bass, 1 Sargo, 2 California Sheephead.

I'm guessing that all the white sea bass came from Catalina Island and sand bass and rock fish were taken locally. So the limit on the WSB will be three per angler, right now it's only one. I'm glad to see the sand bass are starting to show up too. What all the boats and landings need if for both the barracuda and the sand bass to go wide open. The cuda have been on and off for a while now and if the water gets a little warmer who know, we might even see yellowtail around here too. let's hope it happens soon.

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