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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ensenada Bay Yellowtail!

This fishing report came from a friend of mine who guides out of Ensenada, MX

It was a frustrating day on the water as the bay was lit up with hundreds of yellows that just would not bite. On this charter we had Scott and his son Zak Scornberg along with Scott's sister Marion. After meeting up the night before at Tequila's Sports Bar the plan was set to chase the yellows. We left the slip at Cruiseport and picked up a nice load of sardines from Ensenada bait. We headed out to the area where the yellows were and proceeded to chase school after school of boiling yellows. They came right to the boat on several occasions and we threw waxwings, tady's, salas, magic metals, live bait, dead bait, slow trolling baits etc. etc. and could not get bit. It wasn't for lack of effort because we went at it until 6pm. There were a couple of other boats experiencing our same pain. We did manage one on the troll on a Mirror lure and several barracuda trolling and on jigs. The fish bit around 2pm and a few minutes later I managed another hookup on boiling fish on an anchovy colored Magic Metal jig that resulted in a long release. About this time Zak got bit on a sardine as well. All in all it was a good time on the water with some very cool people.

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