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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Charter for 2011

This past Thursday I had my last fishing charter of the year. it was a fun trip and a great way to end the year. The charter was booked as a combo fishing / lobster trip and later to a break water half day trip. We left the dock around 1 PM, after a quick stop at the Natcho's we were off to the wall.

I really enjoy trips like this one were I get to do one on one teaching. Wayne had done some fishing before and so had his girlfriend, but both wanted to learn, this weren't worried about our fish count for the day, they both wanted to become better anglers and that's what we worked on. Wayne also has two boats like I do, I showed him how to find spots to fish and how to set up his boat before he anchors up. We worked on all the little things, picking a good live bait, how to pin it on a hook, how to fish with a buck tail and how to fish with dead squid. 

As for the fishing, when we got to the wall it was low tide, about an hour later the current started to move and we started to catch fish, both of them landed several nice size sand bass on a B 52 bucktail with a whole dead squid pinned on, Wayne's girlfriend landed a few nice calico's too and a cabazon. At the last spot we fished Wayne landed several sculpin and another nice sand bass. As the sun set and the weather turned from cool to cold we called it a day. Our fish count was ok and both had pulled on a bunch of fish, but I felt good that they both had learned a lot and they both had a great day. This was a great way to end 2011. Happy New Years Everyone!

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