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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec 27th Lobster Trip- Just Awesome!

Yesterday I had a fishing / lobster combo trip out of Long Beach, CA.  We left the dock at 2 PM, after a quick stop at the bait barge we were off fishing on the outside of the wall.  We had no current and it was low tide so fishing was slow, but we did land a few calicos and sand bass. Around 6 PM we switched gears and started lobster fishing.  The tide was still very low so I wasn't thinking we'd see many lobsters, but luckily I was wrong. Every pass we made we got a legal lobster or two. After two hours and five lobsters from the first spot, we then traveled about two miles away to a deeper spot. I usually get some legals here, but never have I seen so many huge bugs come from one spot. We had one net that was filled with huge bugs, it had four lobsters in it and two crabs, the the three legals were all huge and the short was just short.  This spot produced 7 legals for us and three of our largest bugs for the night. We ended the day with 12 legals and released another 7 shorts and five of our bugs were huge.
We used salmon heads for bait and got our bugs in 30- 35 feet of water. It was hard to leave because the lobsters were still walking and high tide was about two hours away. At 10:30 we called it a night and headed in. My charter prices are posted on my website if you'd like to book a trip with me.

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