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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Combo fishing / lobster report for 12/06 Long Beach

Yesterday I had a combo fishing / lobster fishing charter, we left the dock a little late for a trip like this, around 2:30PM. After a quick stop to see Natcho for some live bait we were off to fish along the break wall. The tide was slack so fishing was a little tough, but we did manage to land about a dozen sculpin, some sand bass and a few calico's too. Most of the fish were taken on dead squid pinned on a 1oz. B 52 bucktail jig. The fishing got better after sunset, but we needed to start lobster fishing.
I fished my normal spots in around 30 feet of water with salmon heads for bait. We had nothing for hours, so I moved us to a little area  towrad the Queeen Mary. On the way there we got stopped by the Coast Guard. Everything went well and they wished us luck. I'm glad they did, beacuse at our next spot we got them. in the next two hours we got seven lobsters, they were the only lobsters for the night, but they all were legal, we also got over 20 legal size crabs too. All in all it was a great night with new clients, these guys drove down from Fresno to fish with me.

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