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Monday, December 12, 2011

Indian Rock Fishing Charter Re-Cap

This past Saturday 12/10 we had our last fishing charter of the year, it was with our longtime friend Chris Randal aboard his boat the Indian out of H & M landing in San Diego. The weather for this trip was perfect, with everyone on board by 8:45 we were off and heading south the 40 miles to the fishing grounds. Some of us got up early around 5AM to watch the solar eclipses, it was something special too see and being off the beach as far as we were we had a great view of the event.

It was around 6:30 before we started fishing. Our first stop produced some nice reds, but on our second drift we got nailed my large squid, Chris had to run to the other end of the bank to get away from giant squid. After that it was game on and great fishing. We had limits for everyone on the boat and they all were nice size fish including a lot of huge reds. All of my fish were taken with 1 oz B 52 bucktails used in dropper loops. This was a great way to end a long year and it's always great to fish with Chris and the crew of the Indian. The Indian has rock fish trips every Wed and on the weeknds too, check out his website for details.

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