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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lots and lots of Lobsters!

The other night I had another private charter lobster trip, it was on the weekend so I wasn't expecting much, I thought I'd see boats everywhere, but I was wrong. We lanched out of Long beach around 4 PM, with a bait cages filled and strapped into my nets we were ready to go hooping. For this trip we didn't fish any of the islands, just small high spots inside of the harbor and along the breakwater. On our first pass we had three legals, on the next pass two more and so on until we got to 10 legal lobsters. After that it just stopped, like someone had closed the door on them, so we moved over along the wall in the long beach area for five more bugs. The bait was all salmon heads and the weather was perfect, I fished in a T- shirt all night long. the deepest I fished this night was around 35 feet.

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