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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Indian limits out on huge rock fish again!

Here's a fishing report from our friend Chris Randel owner of the Indian.

Hey gang just got back in this monday morning from a 2-1/2 day trip that fished San Martin the first day and Collonett on the second day in flat calm weather.We arrived at San Martin around 10.30 am and took a look at the 6 for Yellows and I did meter some on the Est edge but no takers so we rolled South to my secret Lingcod spot by the Breakers and found slack conditons but had steady action on big Lingcod along with Whitefish,Reds and some Sheep head for our limits (240). That night we rolled up to Collonet and found good conditions at day break with a .5 knot South drift and the Reds were biting pretty good most of the day except for a few attacks by the Humbolts on the West edge of the bank. Everyone had a great time filling up on Chef Ians chow while fishing in awsome weather and our fish count was limits (480) for 24 anglers.1 Yellowtail, 83 Lingcod,147 Reds,30 Salmon Grouper,203 Whitefish,8 Sheephead along with a few assorted cod.We saw the Mexican gun boat both days and we had visas but they just drove by and left us alone. The Indian has 16 reservations for tomorrow nights trip to the finger bank and if anyone would like to spend Wednesday on the water give Chris a call at (619) 523-8862 or just book on-line at

Indian 2-1/2 day trip report Jan 14-15th-arron-red.jpg
Indian 2-1/2 day trip report Jan 14-15th-big-ling.jpg

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