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Monday, January 30, 2012

Izor Reef Report 01-29-12

Yesterday after church I took one of my cameraman out fishing just for fun, no tv cameras, just two guys fishing for the fun of it, we left the dock around 11:30 AM, later that I like to leave, after a quick stop for sardine at Nachos it was off to Izor Reef. The fishing wasn't wide open, but it was good. the current was going the wrong way, but if you were able to get a bait right on the reef, you got bit. I took most of my fish on 1/2oz and 1oz B 52 bucktails with a dead squid pinned on fishing with 20 pound test line, I landed eight nice size sandies here and my buddy got one and several perch.

From here we moved to wall and fished there for a few hours, I only got a few sand bass there, fishing was slow on the wall, but the weather was great and i was glad to just be on the water. We releqased all the fish and it was nice to be fishing in Jan in a T-shirt and shorts, no ice fishing for me today.

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