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Monday, October 3, 2011

Talking about Lobster Fishing.

There are mnay things about lobster fishing that will factor into if you catch any bugs or not and if you have a fun and safe time at it too. this week i'll be posting a bolg each day taking about lobster fishing and i'll be tossing in a few other blogs too just to let you know what i'm up to.
The first and most inportant thing to do whatever you can on land before you head out to the fishing grounds, for today I'll give a few simple exsamples, fill your bait cages at home before you drive down to the boat, I try to do the the morning of or the day before my trip. Then at the boat dock I load my bait into each hoop net, I don't want to be doing that traveling to my fishing spot, I want as much done before I get to my spot, All I want to do at my fishing spot is add my light stick and drop my hoop net in the water.

One last thing for today, get to your fishing spot before it's dark, it'll help you when your fishing. Also for most of us we aren't use to running our boats in the dark, do everything slower and be safe. bad things happen during the day when you can see, even more bad things can happen in the dark, rule one is to be safe at all times.

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