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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lobster Fishing Last Night in Long Beach

Last night I had another lobster fishing charter, it was just one angler, my deckhand and me. We left the dock around 5 PM and headed out toward the breakwater, it was a bit foggy, but as it worked out the fog wasn't an issue for this trip. It was still daylight when we stared dropping the nets in the water, we waited about 30 mins and then started checking our hoop nets, our second net had a legal lobster. it seemed like we got a bunch of lobsters early and then and seconfd batch of them later that night. We ended with 9 legal, one was a big one. By midnight the boat was washed off and I was on my way home, I have another lobster charter this Thursday. It was a good night of bugging.

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