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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gail Force Fishing Trip Report

This past Sunday we had a charter aboard the Gail Force out of LA Harbor Sport Fishing for my TV program. The boat was full and we had planned to head over to Catalina Island, but our skipper suggested we stay local and fish for rock fish. I never try to second guess a skipper so that's what we did. Our skipper Chris, one of the younest Capt's on the coast. He took us to some of his favorite rock fishing spots. We had easy limits on the salmon grouper and them moved over to another spot where we caught a bunch of different rock fish, I used two 1/2 B 52 bucktails in a drooper loop to catch my fish. Next he took us closer to shore where filled out our limits with nice size local reds. All the reds wanted to eat were anchoives. We had some many fish in the boat that I could see the deckhand needed some help so I got a knife from the galley and helped out with the last ten bags of fish. All in all it was a great trip and everyone had a great time.

Our last tuna trip for this year is on 10/23 aboard the Dolphin II, you can sign up for it on my website at

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