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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Make sure you have a good supply of light sticks in your boat, something always seems to happen and you never seem to have enough of them. it's also the law that everyone in your boat have their own lobster/crab gage. you'll need these to make sure your lobsters are legal to keep.

Helpful Hint
Don't drive by areas that you think hold lobsters, what I mean by that is that I often see people travel to far spots hoping to catch a calico bass, when they could have just stopped at the breakwater and nailed a limit. Lobsters live anywhere you can find rocks for them to hide in. Also don't give up on an area too sooon. I've fished areas where we only caught one or two shorts for the first few hours and then, bam! they started to crawl and we had ten legals within a hour. Fishing is fishing, you just have to saty at it to get them. Also the more you go lobster fishing.the better you'll get at it. get out there and try it, i'm sure you get hooked on it like I am.

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