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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lobster Fishing 101

Then first piece of equipment that I would make sure I had on my boat before I headed out lobster fishing is a good fish finder. You are also do to need a GPS too, for too reasons, one to mark the spot you find with your fish finder and two, to help you get back home in the dark. I don't think i'd even try lobster fishing if I didn't own a fish finder.

Now that I know you have a fish finder, you need to use it to find the rocks where the lobster will be living in, remember, they live in these rocks during the day, but at night they come out and take long walks looking for food. What that said I would try not to drop your traps right on top of the rocks,  If you do your nets will not lay flat on the ocean floor, I try to find a nice rock and then place my hoop net right next to it and if I have several rocks in one area I'll place my nets in between them. Remember they come out of the rocks and walk, let them walk to your nets. As far as how long to let them sit before checking your nets? I personally don't wait, by the time I drop all 10 nets in the water I start checking them. I know people say let them sit for a hour, I don't and its worked for me.

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