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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fishing report from our trip to Emeryville

This past weekend I went up to Emeryville to film two shows for my TV program. Day one we fished with Jay aboard his boat the New Huck Finn. Jay took us out to the Fallon Islands where we fished for ling cod and rock fish. I like fishing with Jay, he’s a great skipper and fisherman. Jay likes to use live sand dabs for bait, so we started out fishing for dabs for about an hour and after we had a few hundred in the boat we moved a few miles closer to the islands and started ling cod fishing. It was pretty instead. I hooked several lings on my Magic Metal 10 oz jigs and two on my 6 oz. bucktails. Most of the fish were taken on live sand dabs. Our last hour of the day we spent rock cod fishing and that’s all the time it took for everyone to get their 10 fish limit.

Day two we fished aboard the New Salmon Queen, Shim had us fishing close to the bay, only about 8 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent the whole day trolling for salmon. I had never fished like this for salmon, I have trolled for them up in Canada and Alaska and even in Ventura when they used to show up down here, but I had never trolled with 16 others at the same time. This was pretty fun, we most of hooked about 40-50 fish, but only landed 24 of them. We trolled dead anchovies. I really enjoy fishing up in the Bay area out of Emeryville, I think everyone should try a trip out of there every year, I’ll be back up there next September too.

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