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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fishing Report from Ireland

Today I was in Howth, Ireland, about a 40 minute train ride from Dublin. While I was there I ran into several guys that where fishing hard for mackerel, yes mackerel was the fish they all were targeting, but after talking to these guys for about 30 mins I could see that they didn't really care what they caught, they just loved to go fishing. It was nice to see that fisherman here in Ireland are a lot like me, they really don't care what they catch, it's just important to them to be fishing and fishing with friends. these guys were funny, they told jokes, gave me fishing stories and they even caught some fish too.
They all fished the same way. they use a stop bobber and a long shank hook, around a size 4 with a strip of cut squid on it, I asked them why don't you more it around and they said why? we might catch more fish that way, but this way works too.
When i left they had about seven mackerel for four guys, I think I was the only one keeping score.

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