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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today's Kids Ocean Fish Trip Report

Today my youth foundation took out 90 kids, we did two half- day fishing trips aboard the San Pedro Special with 45 kids on each trip. The weather was perfect and fishing was great! all the kids on both trips caught fish and they all took fish home to eat. None of these kids had ever been fishing before and none of them had ever been out on the ocean before too. it was a perfect day.
Another nice thing was that all of these kids were from Montebello, my home town. Today's trip was paid for by a grant from the Montebello Police Department. Also fishing today with us were three kids from our kids fishing club at Legg Lake, these kids have all been to eight club meetings and none of them had ever been ocean fishing before, it was great for me to see these kids have such a great time fishing today. All three of them have gone from having no clue about fishing to becoming seasoned lake fishing anglers and today the learned how to catch fish on the ocean. When I got home today I felt beat, it has been a long week, but being on the water today with 90 kids and having these three with us from our kids fishing club made me feel good, I'm still feel beat, but I have a nice smile on my face tonight, life is good......

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