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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dolphin II recap of our 1.5 tuna trip

Yesterday we returned from a 1.5 day tuna trip, as usually our skipper Greg and his talented crew did an awesome job. fishing was a pick bite at best for most of the day, many of our fish came by trolling and then we'd hook up a few fish with live bait, but the bait we had was pretty bad. Greg spent a lot of time at the bait receiver, but the bait for the most part was just bad. it was almost dark and some of our anglers were starting to tear down their gear when the skipper said "I finally found the kelp patty I've been looking for", he told everyone nothing lighter than 40 pound test and if you have heavier break it out. The next 40 mins was what dreams are made of, the patty was loaded, we limited out on dorado and yellowtail here, we also added to our tuna count. At this spot I used one of my Magic Metal jigs and 50 pound test line, I got my limit of dorado, yellowtail and two tuna. My largest dodo went 27 pounds and my tuna only 30 pounds, jackpot was a 51 pound yellowfin, but we also had bluefin and albacore in the 30-40 pound class too. My dad was also on this trip, his secong tuna trip in less then three weeks, before this season he had never been out on a tuna trip. Also on this were two others that brought one of their parents fishing with them, one guy brought his mom and the other guy his dad. They both also had and awesome time on this trip. Greg our skipper and owner of the Dolphin II didn't need to travel over 125 miles south for us, he could of stayed closer to home like most of the other boats did, all day we only saw one other boat and it was traveling north from a 7 day trip. If you have never been on this boat, I suggest you book a trip with Greg while the fish are still here.

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