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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fishing report from last Saturday's private charter

We left the dock at 7AM and everything felt fine, after picking up some live bait from Nacho it was off to the fishing grounds. I thought it might take a little time before the fish would bit since it was at the end of low tide when we started fishing. I was right, it took us about 45 minutes to hook our first fish of the day and then they started to bite pretty good. we had several small bass and a shark and then we landed a huge sand bass, it was close to 10 pounds! a huge fish. after that the wind really picked up and we have to run inside the harbor to get away from the wind, even inside the harbor we had white caps. We spent the last few hours close to one of the oil islands picking away at small bass, both calico and sand bass, I'm glad my charter group understood there was nothing I could of about the weather. This Thursday we have a fishing/ filming trip aboard the Sea Star, that trip is sold out, but we do have room on our June 10th trip aboard the Native Son out of Long Beach.

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