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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here's an update about the Visa's you now need to fish in Mexican waters

Below is a press release that was sent to me about the new Mexican Visa law for all of us fishing in Mexican waters.

MX Tour Assist Delivers Solutions to Travelers Visiting Mexico

            San Diego -- Responding to the needs of commercial fishermen and tourists heading to Mexico, a timely, new local business has been established to provide efficient, cost effective and business friendly solutions to complicated entry laws enacted by the Mexican government.

              MX Tour Assist, based in San Diego and Tijuana and fully independent of the Mexican government, opened for business January 2012.  It has responded quickly to the new laws that require U.S. citizens and other foreigners to obtain immigration documents for entry into Mexican territory.  MX Tour Assist provides one-stop solutions by offering the right Mexican immigration forms to tourists in advance of their trips, saving them the hassle and delay of executing payment through a Mexican bank and dealing with Mexican border agents. 

            The new Mexican laws provide tourists with the option to apply for a 1-year Non-Immigrant Immigration Form (FM3) or obtain a Multiple Immigration Form (FMM) for each stay up to 180 days.  MX Tour Assist works closely with Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM) to simplify the application and approval process for the 1-year FM3 permits.

            The 1-year FM3 permit is an ideal solution for the frequent cross-border traveler.  Available through MX Tour Assist for $400.00, the permit allows unlimited entry by land, air and sea.  MX Tour meets all requirements ahead of time, and applicants can pick up their permit at the INM office on the Tijuana side of the San Diego-Tijuana border.

            Understandably, many anglers and U.S. based firms have complained about the complex, new laws governing entry to Mexico.  In response, Mexican sources argue that the new rules are similar to long-standing U.S. laws that Mexican businesses always have followed.

MX Tour Assist promises reliable service and professional advice to ease any burdens associated with Mexico’s new laws.  It has cooperated with San Diego landings to meet compliance requirements for all crew and passengers.  Now, MX Tour Assist will provide those same services to independent boaters, and offer the convenience of pickup at Kona Kai Marina and at a vessel stationed at the Coronado Islands.

* Advisory: Nothing in this press release constitutes legal advice and MX Tour Assist is not a lawyer nor is it purporting to be an expert on Mexican law.  This press release is not intended to fully advise anyone on the rights and obligations of U.S. citizens entering Mexico

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