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Monday, February 13, 2012

Lobster Report for Feb 12, 2012 out of Long Beach

Last night I had another lobster charter out on Long Beach. The whole month of February has been awesome, every charter we have landed ten or more legals, last night was no different. We left my dock around 4:30, with all our hoops baited and ready to drop. by 6:00 everything was set. we had a little wind at first, but as the night went on the weather just got better and better.

on our first round we had two legal lobsters, on the next round three, soon we had nine and it was still early. around 8PM it seemed like they stopped walking so we moved over to a different area, still inside of the harbor. Quickly we found more lobsters. We ended the night with 14 lobsters, several of them were really nice ones. the bait again was salmon heads and the bugs were in 25-35 feet of water. I'm all booked for this week, but I have dates open if you'd like to book a lobster trip with me for next week. You can call our office at 562-865-3764.

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