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Monday, September 26, 2011

Rosarito Peir Fishing Report

Over the weekeend I drove down to Rosarito to check things out and to get away from work. It was hard for me, but I didn't bring a fishing rod with me, I only took along my camera. on the peir i met a buch of different people who were fishing, some were fishing very hard and others were hardly fishing. As one one group told me when I asked them how the fishing was going the told me it was slow and then one of them said, "We have lots of Beer and lots of Hope." I really liked that line. My next stop was down to the village over by Fox studios where to comeercial panga fisherman run out of. I was glad to see that there are now sport fishing boats running out of there now, they only have pangas, but's it's a start. I always enjoying being in Baja.

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