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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fishing Report From Ensenada, Mexico

Here's a fishing report from my friend Louie in Ensenada.

Angel, Cesar and myself left Ensenada at 3:30AM heading for the tuna pens where the bluefin have been hitting and missing. We were hoping to make the area by grey light with a load of mostly anchovies that were fading away pretty quickly. Washing machine conditions put us there around 7ish and from what we saw and experienced the bite was over as we were setting up. It also rained off and on until about 11am and water temps dropped from 64.7 to 63.9. Not many fish hooked or seen hooked all morning. So we headed for the 295 and stopped next to Twilight Zone in time to see them pull up a nice yellow on a paddy around 2 to 3 miles from the tuna pens. The water was warmer here and we continued on to the 295 stopping on 15+ paddies for nobody home. We did see a greyhounding marlin some 5-6 miles from the 295 but that was it until....we put the trollers in at the 295 and headed for the 238 and at 31.33/117.46 we get bit on a small feather. We are all thinking tuna and suddenly a large marlin starts jumping out of the water. It starts greyhounding towards the boat and quickly turns away and starts ripping line fast. Mind you this fish is being fouhgt on a light rod using 40 lb test. I start chasing it down with the boat and after a 40 minute battle Cesar boats his first ever marlin. After several pictures and some high fives we continue on. By this time the weather has changed and it is now sunny with calming seas. Not much to report after this as all we saw was a lone yellowtail on a kelp paddy and the most dolphin I have ever seen in one area. We drove for 30 minutes and there werre dolphin as far as you could see. Cruised into Cruiseport Marina doing 25mph around 8PM tired but happy that we will be eating some delicious smoked marlin tacos.

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