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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Internet Fishing

The Internet is a great way to find out information about the weather, fish counts and lots of great how-to info too. What I don't like is that too many people use it to decide if they should go fishing or not. Yes the tuna counts are down a bit and finally now the fish counts are improving, but too many people don't want to go fishing for them until the are 1000's of fish in the counts. If I did that I never would go fishing. You should go every chance you get, I enjoy just bring out on the water, catching fish is a bonus.

This week the tuna counts have gotten a lot better, get out there and go fishing and support all those boats that are waiting to take you fishing. I'll be out on the water today, I have no idea what we'll be fishing for, but I do know I'll have a great time out there on the water.

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