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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fishing report form Long Beach, CA

Yesterday I went to down to my boat to finish up mounting a new wench. my dad had offered to help me finsh up the job, we had it all done by 11AM, so I asked him if he wanted to take the boat out to try it out. after a qiuck call to oneof the local kids the three of use were off fishing. Yes it was a late start, but I wasn't planning on a long run anywhere, I hit a few of the small rocks just out side of the breakwall, fishing was pretty good, my dad caught five sand bass and Sivee had three and some calicos too. I had a few calicos, sand bass and a shark, I lost a nice halibut close to the boat. later we fished inside the harbor at one of the wrecks, I guess I go to close to the spot as you can see in the picture of my anchor. All in all it was a great short three hour trip, pleanty of fish and I got to take my dad fishing too, plus we didn't have a film crew with me, it was just fishing for the fun of it, I really enjoyed it.

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