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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More surf fishing tips from Dan

Here are some more extra tips for surf fishing, I hope they help you out.


Manny Gutierrez said...

That is a great tip! I've always been under the impression that you need current and structure to catch fish. This totally backs up that point. I think alot of your fans would love to see you out on the pier with us! I was out there a few days ago. Caught a few croaker. They're throwbacks, but it's exciting to feel something tug on the other end of that line. Keep up the good work Dan. Thanks!

Dan Hernandez said...

Manny, I might have to do that this summer,that's how i got into fishing, my parents would always take us pier fishing every week.

Manny Gutierrez said...

I'll cut the bait!