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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Went Lobster Fishing One Last Time

This past Tuesday I went lobster fishing with my buddy Greg and it was a very strange night. The whole day I was running late so by the time we got down to the boat ramp it was already 6 PM. We were not ready, none of the bait had been cut yet and most of it was still frozen. We had a mix of mackerel and salmon heads. The Asian store I normally buy my salmon heads has just gone out of business. The fishing was slow, very slow most of the night. It wasn't until 10 PM that we finally caught a lobster and it was too short to keep. At 11PM we finally had a legal bug in the boat. Around midnight we were ready to call it a night when we went three nets in a row with lobsters and then at 1AM I had one of the biggest lobsters I have ever seen come up, but it was on the outside of my hoop net and got a way. So we stuck it out until 2AM! We ended the night with six nice size lobsters and I'm hoping to cook up some of them this weekend.

This season I did the most lobster fishing I have ever done and have found a few new places to catch them too. I can't wait for the next season to open up in Oct.

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