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Monday, November 18, 2013

El Dorado Park in Long Beach, CA Free Kids Fishing Event Update

Here's the latest info about the event at El Dorado Park in Long Beach that was planned for this coming Saturday.
First a little background about this event.
About five years ago I was asked by the LB Parks and Rec Dept. if I could help them put on their annual fishing derby because the group that had been helping them could no long do it and that the park still wanted the event to happen. So you all know my answer was yes and for several years everything went great, we teamed up with the City of LB and CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife and these events were awesome! Four years ago we had over 2000 kids and their families attend the event. Then three years ago the city said they wanted the event, but could afford to pay for the food or the prizes, I couldn't afford it too, but my board members pitched in out of their own pockets and paid for everything and we were able to pull off the event. Last year the city told use they had no money for anything, no fish, no food, no prizes, nothing. Last year we were blessed with a nice grant so we paid for everything including thousands of dollars for FISH FOR THE EVENT.
Now in 2013 I get a email from the City of Long Beach saying that this is my event and that need to find the fish for their lake so that this event can happen. Sorry, but we can't pay for the fish for your lake every year City of Long Beach. below is the letter they sent me.

The Mayor's office has not canceled this event and the LB Park & Rec has not canceled this event.  When I looked into this, I found that the City was forgoing the cost of the fees, adding staff at no cost, and preparing and serving food at no cost.  At no time did this event get canceled or stalled by the City of Long Beach.
I appreciate that you consider this to be the "Long Beach" event and I understand that many of the kids that attend are from the Long Beach area, but this is your event and your name has always been on this event.  Please keep us informed of any way we can help and we will do what we can, but the City of Long Beach is not in a position to take over responsibility for your event.
Hopefully, in the future you will be able to secure fish for an event in Long Beach, I know there are many that would enjoy participating.  
Best regards,

William Doll
Office of Mayor Bob Foster
333 West Ocean Blvd. 14th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802
T: 562.570.5376 F: 562.570.6538

As you can see by their letter they have turned the facts around and put all the blame for this event not happening on me. Again, this has never been a DHYF event. This event was going on for many years before we got invited to help out. This is a City of Long Beach event that is supported by DHYF and the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. When you call city hall to let them know how you feel about this don't brother asking for Mr. Doll, he no longer works there, feel free to let the city know you're not happy about this. I have no problem taking the blame for things when I'm in the wrong, but the fact that this event is not going to happen has nothing to do with me or my Youth Foundation, we don't cancel events we are in the business of helping cities put on these events and introducing kids to fishing.

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