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Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Nights Lobster Private Charter Report

I had another private lobster charter last night, I was expecting it to be a great early crawl, boy was I wong. We had our nets in the water around 5PM, 30 minutes later we started checking them and we found nothing. The high tide in or area was around 7:30 so I thought it would just be awesome from the start, wrong........from 5:30 to 8PM we only had four bugs, then around 8:30 it was on, why they wanted to walk during a slack tide i don't know, but I was glad they did, we ended the night with 12 legals, threw back 6 shorts. after the wind backed down, it became a nice night. bait as always was salmon heads and we fished everything from 25-42 feet. I have a few more lobster trips booked for the next few weeks so I'll be posting more reports. Last thing, if you have not used the new LED light sticks from Promar you should, these things work great!

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