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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Private Charter Report 6/29

Last Saturday I had a 1/2 day private fishing charter, I headed toward the breakwater, but the water was 57 so I took my people over to Izors, the water there was 60. I only take four people fishing on these trips, so we had a very light load, two of them had never been fishing before and the others hadn't done it in a while. The fishing there was pretty good. we had 12 legal calico's, 6 nice size sand bass and mix of rock fish tossed in. We lost something larger, but we never saw it. I saw a lot of boat come and go, nobody wanted to drop their anchor there, but we did and it paid off.

all the fish were taken on dead squid, some were fished on a dropper lop and others on my B52 bucktails.

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