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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ensenada Fishing Report.

The follow is a report that a friend of mine did about his fishing charter business out of Ensenada. Fishing with him is along time friend of our fishing show and owner of the Gail Force, Danny Salas.

With reports of yellows in our backyard Dan Salas owner of the Gail Force and his son 7 year old Christopher decided to take the plunge and charter the It’s 4 Reels despite reports that the weather could be up. We headed out of my slip out of Cruiseport Village around 6:30AM and headed to the bait barge. Still no live bait available in Ensenada. No worries we were armed with every size and color jig that was ever sold as well as the ever reliable frozen squid so if we ran into yellow we would get ‘em. Wind was down but there was definitely a large swell and we made the rounds, South of Todos Santos water temps were 58-59 with a few birds working but no signs of surface fish, North Todos Santos (Punta Norte) cold 53-55 degree water and few birds, North of San Miguel Reef 52 degree water and on down to an area off the tuna pens off Salsipuedes bay. We did not find any surface fish but we did find, with the help of my trustee Furuno FF, a nice reef that we hammered for limits of nice reds that averaged 5-6 lbs, chuckleheads, browns, lingcod, salmon grouper, 1 sheephead and 1 small whitefish. I was using a heavy pink jig and I was ripped twice on fish that took line and I was not able to turn them on straight 65 lb. spectra. Maybe a yellow or a big ling. We’ll never know. Regardless of that we still knocked them dead and the best part is we never fished more than 150 feet of water. We made several passes on the reef and Dan was bringing them up 2 and 3 at a time:

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